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Jamaican Mi crazy Chicken

Our famous jerk chicken served with rice and coleslaw/vegetables


Portland Jerk Pork

Smoked jerk Pork served with rice veggies or coleslaw



Dutch Pot Oxtail

Savory falling off the bone oxtail served with rice veggies or coleslaw


Jamaica's Pride- Jamaica's National Dish

Ackee and Codfish served with rice and veggies or coleslaw


Trenchtown Goat

Curried goat served with rice and veggies or coleslaw



Trenchtown Chicken

Curried chicken served with rice and veggies or coleslaw


Fusion Pastas

Rasta Pasta

Soft fluffy gnocchi, sauteed in Alfredo or marinara sauce and served with Jamaica's national dish, ackee & saltfish.


Dreadlock Pasta

Homemade pasta with our spicy tomato sauce and Jerk meatballs or Italian Sausage.



Scampi Linguini

Aldente linguini and shrimp, tossed in a succulent coconut & cream curry sauce.


Reggae Lasagna

Layers of ricotta, mozzarella and steamed calaloo with out spicy tomato sauce.


Jerk Lasagna

Jerk chicken nestled between layers of lasagna in your choice of Alfredo or rose sauce..


Grilled Panini

The Vatican

Our famous Jerk Chicken with our homeade coleslaw



The Tuscan

Moist jerk pork served with our housemade coleslaw.



Fried Dumpling

Goes well with Ackee and Saltfish


Jamaican Beef Patty's

We only serve Tinnel's Patties. The best in the city!



Fried Plantain

4 pieces of deep fried plantain.


Jerk Salad

Jerk chicken over spring salad with house made dressing..




Fish Fridays


Jamaican Drinks



Tropical Delight



Island Sodas



Contact us for catering requests and special events.